Regal Prince Oak

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Visible Root flare

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Montmorency cherry

Tree Authority Nursery provides  Arborist grown high quality fruit, shade and ornamental trees.

*Trees are grown in air pruning pots that do not allow roots to girdle, providing less transplant shock.

*Special attention is given to having all trees planted at the root flare.

Air Pruning Pots w/ Handles

Unless noted all trees are in air pruning pots:

#5 (11D x 10.25H)
#7 (14D x  11.75H)
#10 (16 D x 12H)

#15 (17 D x 15 H)

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Minimal Transplant Shock

Freedom Apple

Tilton Apricot and Bing Cherry

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Using Air Pruning pots eliminates roots circling just inside the edge as they would in a normal black plastic pot. With no need to cut these roots, there is little to no transplant shock. Grown by an ISA Certified Arborist, the root flares are visible at the top and the trees are pruned to be structurally sound for the long run. This system produces trees that are superior without the guesswork to eliminate girdling roots and manually locate root flares.

Structurally pruned 

European Hornbeam

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Brown Turkey Fig

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