Trees can be attacked by fungal and bacterial pests. While some of these pests may not be detrimental to tree health, many are. Many of these diseases can be combated using the Integrated Pest Management Method, ranging from prevention to chemical control. Organic approaches are also available.

Trees looking like they need a little boost?

They may be in need of nutrients that are not present in the soil they are growing in. This is often the case for urban soils that can be classified as "fill". Fertilizing should not just be done at a whim, rather the soil should be tested to find the missing nutrients that need to be applied. Too much fertilizer is as harmful as lacking nutrients!

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Tree Authority specializes in proper tree care. From small tree planting to large tree pruning, we have the knowledge and foresight to ensure the safety and health of trees on your property!

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In addition to diseases, trees can also be attacked by insects. While some may cause very little harm, others can kill a tree within one season. The invasive Emerald Ash Borer is slated to kill all the ash trees over the next couple years unless the trees are treated now. Call today to protect the trees on your property.

Many trees planted by landscapers are often planted too deep, covering over the root flare. The flare is the beginning of the root structure and must always be visible at the surface. When buried, roots requiring oxygen come to the surface and girdle the trunk of the tree, often with lethal consequences. Using Air-Knife technology, we are able to excavate to the root flare and save trees buried too deep.


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Storm Damage happens, often at the worst times. Call us 24/7 for emergency storm response. Reasonable rates set us apart from the others!

Not sure if your tree is in good health? Wondering if that hole in the trunk could cause the tree to fall in a storm? Give us a call, we would be happy to provide guidance on the trees on your property. Written reports can be provided when necessary. 

Tree pruning is an art few are able to master. The correct balance of removing live branches to ensure tree health while maintaining aesthetic appeal is something Tree Authority specializes in. Trees should be pruned every 3-5 years to maintain proper form and reduce the chance of storm damage. Large or small, we properly prune them all.
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Proper planting is essential for long term survival. All too often we see trees planted too deep, buried in mulch, improperly staked and experiencing severe transplant shock. We can source and plant any trees you request, even if we don't grow them at Tree Authority Nursery.

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Are you in charge of managing a large property with many trees? Want to know where the trees are, the species and the health condition? We are able to put together a comprehensive report that details every tree on the property! This also helps in future budgeting as we can put together a multi-year care plan.

While we hate to see old trees go, we realize this is a necessary part of life. Equipped with a state of the art stump grinder, we are able to remove those ugly stumps. Our grinder is able to go deep enough to immediately be able to plant a new tree where the old stump was.